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In the first two months since the launch of Tucson Lightning, more than 4,500 Arizonans have registered their support for Tucson as a future home for the F-35. Click here to see all who signed up. Please spread the word about Tucson Lightning. The more supporters registered, the louder our message: Tucson wants the F-35!

Welcome to Tucson Lightning!

From this Web site you can help bring the F-35 Lightning II, the Air Force's next generation fighter, to the Arizona Air National Guard base at Tucson International Airport.

The Air Force projects it will retire its fleet of F-16 Fighting Falcons within the next few years. The F-16s currently flying from the airport will eventually be phased out of the Air Force inventory. Without the F-35 mission, Tucson stands to lose the $280 million annual economic impact generated by the Arizona Air National Guard's 162nd Fighter Wing.

In these difficult economic times Tucsonans have the opportunity to secure the future of one of our city's largest income generators, by showing our support for Tucson as a future home for the aircraft. The Air Force will measure several factors before making its final decision in 2011; one of those factors will be community support. We invite you to join Tucson's government, business and community leaders in the F-35 support campaign, Tucson Lightning. learn more...